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Stative Verbs Exercises with Answers PDF Series 1

Remember These Stative Verbs by Heart as it helps a lot in solving Tenses correctly-

Thoughts and Opinions

Agree, believe, doubt, guess, know, mean, recognize, remember, think, suspect, understand, appreciate

Feelings & Emotions

Hate, like, dislike, want, wish, prefer

Senses & Perceptions

Appear, Feel, be, prepare, see, look, taste, smell, hear

Possession & Measurement

Have, belong, own, weigh

Remember, these are stative verbs meaning can change or has no meaning when you add “ing” with them.

For Example:

see (stative verb) him. (Present Simple Tense) It means (I see him with my eyes.)

I am seeing him. (Present Continuous Tense) It means (I am dating him.)

I have seen him. (Present Perfect Tense), It means (I have seen him with my eyes)

I have been seeing him. (Present Perfect Continuous Tense), it means (I have been dating him.)

saw him. (Past Continuous Tense) it means (I saw him with my eyes.)

I had seen him. (Past Perfect Tense) it means (I had seen him with my eyes)

I had been seeing him. (Past Perfect Continuous Tense) it means (I had been dating him.)

So on with future tense.

Incorrect: I am feeling well. (No meaning)

Correct: I feel well.

Incorrect:  I am not recognizing you. (No meaning)

Correct: I don’t recognize you.

Stative Exercises to Practice Free-


#1. I ……… like an angel.

#2. The bread ……… good. Is it fresh?

#3. He ……… an expensive car.

#4. She ……… better today.

#5. He ……… For NEET.


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