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Call Phrasal Verb Exercises with Meaning

Pharasal VerbsUsage
Call somone inTo ask someone to come for help in a difficult situation
 To request that someone come to you
Call something inIf a bank calls for money you have borrowed
 To telephone the place you work
Call something offTo end an activity (especially sports events)
 To end an activity (because of no longer useful)
Call for somethingTo publicly say something which is necessary
 To suggest strongly that something to happen
Call someone upTo talk to someone over phone
Call something upTo find information on a computer screen

Fill in the blanks with a suitable phrasal verb with “Call”.


#1. Local police called ______ the state investigation team to assist with the investigation.

#2. He called me ______ to join a meeting tomorrow.

#3. The building's head called ______ the fire department to extinguish the fire.

#4. On a national channel, he called ______ an investigation into a matter.

#5. I called him ______ my office on Sunday.

#6. Because of heavy rain, the cricket match was called ______.

#7. He needs to clear his loan before the bank calls ______.

#8. The police called ______ the investigation of a missing girl after a year.

#9. The state leaders called for a high level of meeting ______ dam development.

#10. I am calling ______ the recent news updates.


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