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Magical Tips to Use Made of and Made From

When you don’t alter an object into its original formFrom
When you get back the altered object to its original formof

Example: Paper is made of/from wood.

(In this situation, we cannot get wood back) Therefore, the correct sentence is:

Paper is made from wood. (correct)

Fill in the blanks with the correct use of – Made from or of


#1. Cheese is made _______ mik.

#2. The ring is made _______ gold.

#3. Coca Cola is made _______ water.

#4. Ice cubes is made _______ water.

#5. The bottle is made _______ plastic.

#6. The dress is made _______ cotton.

#7. The wine glass is made _______ glass.

#8. The vessel is made _______ iron.


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