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Phrasal Verb with Break Exercises PDF for Free

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Break OutSuddenly start unpleasant things (war or disease), escape.
Break With something/someoneseparate yourself from a practice, tradition or belief.
Break upTo end a romantic relation, separate a group of people or object, end a continuous period, disassemble something into small parts.
Break intoenter a place forcibly, start something unexpectedly, to successfully enter into a new field, interrupt into a conversation.
Break Downto stop working, to examine something in detail, to lose control on one’s emotions, to divide something into categories.

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms with “Break”.


#1. The First-World War broke _______ without any clue.

#2. She decided to break _______ the old tradition of marriage in her society.

#3. My teacher breaks _______ the complex math solutions.

#4. My sister has broken _______ the chocolate bar into cubes to distribute.

#5. A thief breaks _______ of prison even after a high security.

#6. He broke _______ the earthen pot accidently.

#7. The thieves broke _______ a bank and stole money.

#8. The storm broke _______ the power supply for four hours.

#9. On asking about his father, he breaks _______ in tears.

#10. My vehicle breaks _______ on the way to the office today.


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