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Phrasal Verb Starting with Burn- Exercises and Meaning

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Burn DownDestroy of a structure or building by fire
Burn AwayDisappear as a result of burning
Burn OutStop burning
Burn UpHave a high temperature, to be destroyed by heat
Burn OffRemove something by burning it

·         Past Participle of Burn – Burnt   

·         Past Tense of Burn- Burnt

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate phrasal verb starting with “Burn”.


#1. Half of the candle burnt _____ quickly.

#2. The fire had burnt _____ before the fire alarm buzzed

#3. Because of fever, her body is burning _____ .

#4. I burnt _____ the fire with a fire extinguisher.

#5. The museum burnt _____ because of mismanagement.

#6. The spacecraft burnt _____ as it enters the earth atmosphere.

#7. You eat a lot. You cannot burn _____ fat with workout.

#8. The beautiful house burnt _____ into ashes.


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