Tense Exercises

Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous Quiz

Series 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses.  (We request you to visit the Series 1 page to know their rules)


#1. I _______ my household chores yet.

#2. They _______ on this project very hard these days.

#3. I _______ thee cups of coffee today.

#4. They _______ each other for years.

#5. They _______ together since 2000.

#6. She _______ the kitchen. Everything is messy here.

#7. I _______ the movie six times.

#8. She _______ in NYC for 3 years.

#9. I _______ French classes lately.

#10. It _______ day and night here for 3 weeks.


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