Articles Exercise

Daily Articles to Improve English on A and An

Fill in the blanks with the correct articles- A or An


#1. She has bought ________ one and a half kilo sugar.

#2. You have bought a kilo and ________ half rice.

#3. She walks and ________ five and ________ quarter miles every day.

#4. ________ five-year Plan is launched by a state government.

#5. ________ petrol is sold by Rs. 30/- ________ liter.

#6. She has sent ________ information to us.

#7. You should give her ________ Spoonful of medicine.

#8. ________ oxen are ploughing the field.

#9. They have bought ________ bag of rice.

#10. Our ________ nation is great.


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