Tense Exercises

Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense Exercises

We have created 6 Series of Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense exercises. We request you to always read the Series 1 before practicing Series 2 and others.

Things  that are always trueThings happening while you speaking
Ex- Sun gives us light.Ex- The black cloud is covering the Sun light. It may rain today.
Permanent condition or permanent for at least a few yearsTemporary conditions
Ex- She lives in a small town.Ex- She is living in New York these days. (but she usually lives at a small town)
HabitsTemporary habits
Ex- She gets up early every day.Ex- She is getting up late now because of she is not well.
Future events which has timetableAny definite future plans
Ex- My train leaves for Paris tonight.Ex- She is attending our party tonight.
Describe what happens in films, books, or playsDescribe about something in a photo
Ex- The movie was exciting. In the end, the hero kills the villain.Ex- My father is looking happy in this photo.
When talk about the future after specific words like “after”, “when”, until” 
Ex- She will not eat until he arrives. 
 For disturbing or frustrating habits (use always with it)
 Ex- She is always getting late for this school.
 Situations changing with time
 Ex- John is improving his writing skills day by day.

Note: With Stative Verbs (emotions, possession, thoughts, and opinions), we always use Present Simple Tense.

Ex– She likes green dresses.

       It smells good.

 Fill in the blanks with the correct Present Simple Tense & Present Continuous Tense.


#1. Day by day, she _______ prettier.

#2. I _______ for Paris next Monday.

#3. My train _______ the platform at 8 o’clock this evening.

#4. In this drama, he _______ the murderer.

#5. In this photo, she _______.


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