Tense Exercises

Simple Present vs Present Continuous Exercises with Answers

Fill in the blanks with correct tenses. Do visit the Series-1 post to know the rules for Present Continuous and Simple Present.


#1. Earth ______ round in shape.

#2. I am on the top floor of Burj Kalifa now. From here, the Earth ______ flat.

#3. She ______ a restaurant.

#4. She ______ a grocery store currently. However, she runs a restaurant.

#5. He ______ improvement in his health day by day.

#6. I ______ my breakfast early every day.

#7. I ______ my breakfast late currently because of my busy work schedule.

#8. They ______ the home messy.

#9. My flight ______ at eight tonight.

#10. I ______ him after my office.


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