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Work vs works – Examples & Practice Sets

Works or Work Plural or Singular
The word “work” can be used as a verb or noun.

Using Work As Verb
When you use work as a verb, you can add “s” with it as per the subject. With a singular subject (He, She, & It) use “s” with work. With plural subjects (They & We) including “I and You” keep the word as it is.


She works hard.                 They work hard                  We work on a project.

Is work an uncountable noun?
Yes, it is an uncountable noun. As an uncountable noun, “work” stands for “jobs, labour, effort, duties, chores, and projects.” We don’t add “s” with it to make it plural.


He is fond of hard work. (Correct)

He is fond of hard works. (Wrong)

Your Doubts & Our Answers

Some work or some works

Here “Some” denotes a few numbers of tasks. So, it is always “Some Work.”

Example–     I have some work to do.

A lot of work or works

Here “Work” is a noun, so it is always “a lot of work”.

Example-                 I have a lot of work to complete. (It means I have a lot of jobs to do)

Most of the work is or are?

When it is “Most of the Work”, it means particular work.

Example-              Most of the work is not done yet.

Research Work or Works

It will be “Research Work.”

Example-                I have not finished my research work because of some reasons.

What is the plural of work?

The word “work” is itself plural when you use it as a noun.


She has proved her worth with her hard work. (Correct)

She has proved her worth with her hard works. (Wrong)

Is the word homework singular or plural?

It is a plural noun. Moreover, some words like social work and household work are also plural nouns.

For example-       We should do our homework. (Correct)

Fill in the blanks with suitable word “Work or Works”

1. I have some ………………… to finish by tomorrow.

Correct! Wrong!


2. She ………………… in a factory.

Correct! Wrong!


3. A lot of ………….. is pending to complete.

Correct! Wrong!


4. I and John ………………… in an IT company.

We place verb agreements considering the near subject. Here John is near to the verb. Hence John is a singular noun.
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Correct! Wrong!


5. The Iron ………………… are closed till Christmas.

It is always Iron works, Steel works, gas works, and brick works. You can is or are.
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Correct! Wrong!


6. Her office ………………… is tiring.

Correct! Wrong!


7. I have been waiting for the project ………………… for a long time.

Correct! Wrong!


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