Verbs Exercises

Phrasal Verb with Bring Exercises PDF

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Bring aboutmake something happen (transformations, construction, awareness, or understanding)
Bring underto control something
Bring roundregain consciousness, convince someone to change their opinions or thought
Bring Downto cause something or someone to fall, to reduce something (price or levels), to depress someone, to cause defeat of a person or group
Bring inenter a premise forcibly or illegally


#1. The new government has given hope to bring ______ development in various sectors.

#2. Fire fighters finally brought the situation ______ their control.

#3. The strong wind brought ______ the trees.

#4. The new government's new policy can bring ______ development in various sectors.

#5. The patient brought ______ after an hour of his surgery.

#6. The company decided to bring ______ the prices of its products.

#7. The minister speech failed to bring ______ voters to vote for him.

#8. Repeated failures of his business brought him ______ and affected him emotionally.

#9. The evidence brought ______ the corrupted leaders.


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