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None vs None of Clear Your Doubts Completely

None is itself a negative word therefore we never use “no, not, never, etc with it. We use “None” with two or more things/people.

The meaning of “none” is “no of you or no one”, when it is used as a subject of a sentence.

For Ex:-

None is ready to do this. (It means, no one/none of you is ready to do this.)

When a sentence starts with “None” or use as a subject, we use singular verbs “is, has, was, and has been” with it.

When we use None Of plus Singular Uncountable Noun (money, furniture, milk, information, …), we use singular verbs with it.

For Ex:-

  • None of the money is left in my bank account.
  • None of the information is true.
  • None of the work is left to do.

None Of plus Plural Noun/Plural Pronoun, we can use either singular verb or plural verb. Both are correct.

For Ex:-

  • None of them was or were
  • None of the students was or were
  • None of these is or are
  • None of the books is or are
  • None of you is or are
  • None of us is or are

(All are correct. It means whether you use “is” or “are”, they are correct with “None of” plus plural noun or pronoun.

None and None of Exercises to Practice


#1. None ………… finished the assigned task.

#2. None of these students………….. performed well.

#3. None of them…………. ready for scuba diving.

#4. None ………….. Ready to submit their projects on time.

#5. None of the stationery ………… opened today in our city.

(Here, the word “stationery” is the singular uncountable noun, so we use singular verbs with it)

#6. None of us ……………… going to our home.


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