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As Well As Examples with Answers & a Free Practice Set

“As well as” grammar usages are different. It depends on how you use the word.

As well as means ‘in addition to’.

 As well as Conjunction

It helps combine two sentences in this way.

ü  She loves writing. She loves dancing.

ü  She loves writing as well as dancing.

ü  The cow eats grass. The horse eats grass.

ü  The cow as well as the horse eats grass.

As well as in the beginning of sentences / subject verb agreement as well as examples

If two subjects connect with ‘as well as’, then ‘as well as’ is used according to the first subject’s number-

ü  Joe is preparing food. Her friends are preparing food.

ü  Joe as well as her friends is preparing food.

(Here the sentence starts with “Joe” who is a singular noun, so we use “is” with the sentence.)

ü  Her friends are preparing food.  Joe is preparing food.

ü  Her friends and Joe are preparing food.

As Well As Exercises to Practice-


#1. The publisher, as well as the writers …………. come.

#2. The principal, as well as the teachers ………… attending a seminar.

#3. Students as well as their teachers …………… no plan for a picnic this year.

#4. We as well as our grandfather ………… ready for a new venture.

#5. Our mother and the entire family members ………… cooking a new dish today.


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