Preposition Exercises

Magical Tips to Use On, Above and Over

If an object is kept on a surfaceOnBecause it is touching the surface
If something is moving on somethingoverbecause it not touching the surface
If an object is hanging on an objectabovebecause it not touching the surface

Look at the image to understand the concept.

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition- On, over, & above


#1. The runner is jumping _______ the running hurdle.

#2. The vase is _______ the table.

#3. The photo frame is _______ the table.

#4. The airplane is flying _______ the house.

#5. The computer is _______ the table.

#6. The fan is _______ the bed.

#7. The helicopter is flying _______ the ground.

#8. The book is _______ a shelf.


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