Present Tense vs. Present Continuous Tense Exercises to Practice Free

Compare the below table to clear your doubts on how to use present tense and present continuous tense.

Present Simple TensePresent Continous
Universal truth-Things which are happening at the moment of speaking:
Ex:-The Sun rises in the east. Ex:- The Sun is rising in the East behind the mountain. I can see the orange light.
Permanent situations that are permanent for at least a few years.Temporary situations that can last slowly or near some time.
Ex:- She lives in NYC.Ex:- She is staying in Australia for a month. (However, she lives in NYC.)
 Ex: She is recovering from her head injuries. (changing the situation slowly)
Use the tense for habits. (practice regularly)Temporary habits or have developed a new habit or have annoying habits.
Ex: I for a morning walk daily.Ex:- I am going for a morning walk daily these days because of my doctor recommendations.
 Ex:- My sister is always keeping the door open.  (annoying habits)
Any future plan that has a timetable set by someone else or a company.For a definite future plan you can use-
Ex:- My train leaves the station at 9 pm. Hurry up!Ex:- I am seeing my fiance tomorrow evening.
Describing things that are in plays, films, or books.Describing things or people in photos.
Ex:- In this film, the doctor saves the lives of hundreds of patients.Ex:- In this picture, I am holding a branded bag.

Notice the words that we can use with Present Simple Tense, but not with Present Continuous Tense.

Verbs describing feelings, like hate, love, admire, like, and respect

Mental-related verbs, like understand, think, and know

Verb describing senses, like taste, touch, feel, look and smell

Speech act verbs, like swear, promise, threat, praise, and interrupt

Verbs tell permanent qualities, like last and contain


I like red roses. (correct)

I am liking red roses. (incorrect)

I am feel well. (correct)

I am feeling well. (incorrect)

Some Online Exercises on Simple Tense and Present Continuous Tense.


#1. He ……… to take me to dinner tonight.

#2. He ……… me to dinner tonight.

#3. The fish curry ……… so good.

#4. My plane ……… for NYC at seven tonight.

#5. I ………… for NYC tomorrow evening.

#6. I ………… home every Sunday.

#7. I ……… home this Sunday.

#8. My roommate ………… music at a high volume.

#9. Water ……… at a certain temperature.

#10. The water ……. now, so I can take a bath.


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