Tense Exercises

Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous Exercises with Answers

Series 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct present perfect tense or present perfect continuous tense.  (If you want to know the rules of these tenses, read our series one page.)


#1. What’s that delicious smell? I _______ cooking your favorite dish?

#2. I _______ for this project for the past one year.

#3. I _______ you.

#4. Recently I _______ on this project. It is going to be finalized soon.

#5. She usually reads at home. She _______ tuition these days.

#6. I _______ three cars. I love driving.

#7. I _______ him for years.

#8. I _______ all day. I am tired now.

#9. _______ you read the book yet?

#10. I _______ my work. We can go now.


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