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Free Spotting Errors in English for Bank PO Exams

The sentence may contain errors. Spot the error option and select it-


#1. She is carrying a bunch of sticks on her head.

Note- it is always “a bundle of sticks”

#2. He has seen ten Deers in a forest.

The word “deer” is plural. We don’t add s or es with it

#3. A herd of ships is grazing on the slope of a mountain.

Note- “A flock of ships” is correct


#4. These days peoples are made after riches.

Here the word “Peoples” will be “people” to denote a large number of people

#5. An assembly of musicians came to a party to entertain the guests.

Note- “A band of musicians” is correct.

#6. The cannons are booming.

The correct word is “Cannon” not “Cannons” because Cannon is itself a plural noun.

#7. A crowd of worshippers gathers in a church every Sunday.

Note- “An assembly of worshippers” is used.

#8. Some folks are never easy to please.

Here the word “Folks” will be replaced with “Folk” because it is itself a plural noun.

#9. A troop of dacoits entered the village late at night.

Note- it is always “a gang of dacoits”

#10. The excretas of cows are very useful.

Don’t add s or es with “Excreta” because it is itself a plural noun.


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